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AD: KATE MULLIGAN / CW: Blake Stephens

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A few weeks before National Waffle Day, a few strange instances will occur across the south, starting with a series of craving-caused pre-rolls.

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Random waffles will appear intermittently to reach some people at random times to remind viewers that waffle cravings can come from anywhere and everywhere.

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Guerilla 2.png
Guerilla 3.png

Given out to customers at the end of every meal at Waffle House, waffle lovers can Crave It Forward by placing the waffle stickers on the circles of the world.

WH Sticker.png
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As confused cravers of the guerilla stunt begin to search “Why am I seeing waffles everywhere?” they will be guided to the microsite revealing the Twitter challenge to win free waffles for a year.


As Hulu viewers pause their shows, they will be reminded that they’ve probably craved a waffle or two recently.


All leading up to National Waffle Day, the reveal of how to truly subdue these waffle cravings will be revealed with the limited time Waffle Home Airbnb.

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When customers eventually come in to subdue their cravings, the cryptic message in the middle of their plate will remind them that their cravings will never stop.


To help remind our waffle cravers that there is a local Waffle House nearby, Waze users’ vehicle icon will change to a waffle when they are within a certain distance.

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